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Water Purifying Kettle

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500 Pieces
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One month after confirmation
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L/C, T/T
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Depend on the order requirement

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Name: Water Purifying Kettle
Model : RSD-WP-P101
Brand: Royalstar
Place of Origin : Hefei, China
Color :White /Blue
Capacity :2.5L
Filter Combination: Fine Gauze Strainer + Coconut Shell Activated Carbon+Mineral Group of Calcium and Magnesium Ion
Replacement Cycle of Filter Core:  Every 4 weeks
Dimension(mm) & Weight(kg): 255*100*245&1.5
Packing Information(mm) :267*110*275
Performance Features:
Professional filtering technology from Germany
High quality water for its multi- level filteration
Food-grade plastic shell
Oval cup design presenting modern fashion
Cup-handle integrated design not easy to fall off
Effective get rid of virus, colloid, rust, microbes, preserve beneficial minerals and micro-elements and ensure water quality.
It is small, portable and also suitable at any time and place.
Coconut shell has a feature of stronger absorption capacity and improves water taste well.
Finger-press water inlet is convenient to use without opening cap.
Closed design avoids re-pollution.
With independent inlet, filter directly once injecting water.
Kettle is designed as skid and shock resistance.
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