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500 Set/Sets
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Production Time:
One month after confirmation
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L/C, T/T
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Depend on the order requirement

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Name: Box-type Hollow  Fiber Water Filter 
Quick Detail:
Category: 50 Gallons Hollow Fiber Water Series
Mode:l  10T/PL/B
Brand:  Royalstar
Place of Origin: China
Color: Red  and Silver
Change Wearing Parts(filter core) Periodically: PP Filter Core(3-4 months)
Granular Carbon Filter Core(3-4 months)
Block Carbon Filter Core(3-4 months)
UF Membrane Filter Core(8 months)
Black Carbon Filter Core(3-4 months)"
Application:  Water Filtration at Home
Power: No Electricity Involved 
Rated Voltage and Frequency: No Electricity Involved 
Applicable Water Pressure: 0.1-0.3MPa
Applicable Water: 5-40℃ Municipal Water
Filtration Level: 5 levels
Dimension(mm) :  330*100*430
Performance Features:
0.01μm UF aperture
5-level filtration, better water quality
Energy-saving without using electricity, longer lifespan
Food-grade material, environment friendly
Classic elegant and exsitute appearance, beautifying room
Quick pipe installation
 It has a trait of great capacity and is not easily jammed
Machine itself works stably, with features of anti -aging and anti-corrosion.
Water filter core has a longer lifespan for it could be washed repeatedly. 
Water supply power directly thusing saving money and energy.
Treated water could be used to drink, cook and shower directly.
OEM is accepted.
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