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Model: RSD-QZ-T02
Place of Origin: China
Housing Material:Fine Brass and Plastics
Pressure Range:1-6 bar
Applicable Water Temperature:5-40℃
Filtration Precision: 70-90μm
Working Pressure: 0.1-1Mpa
Connection Type: 1/2 or 3/4 itches Out Thread and 1 inch Inner Thread
Applicable Water: Municipal Water
Feed Water Pressure 1.5-16bar
Filtration Craft Dense Net Filter Woven by Metal Wire
Installation Position After Main Water  Pipeline  Gauge or Before Other Water Filter
Dimension(mm) & Weight(kg) 259*156*68
Water Output: 3000L/H
Sewage Ratio: Zero
Performance Feature:
1.Filtrate effectively all kinds of  impurities like rust, sand, debris and other large particle impurities in case of  harm on human body and skin.
2.Control water pressure precisely through adjustable button.
3.Filter net woven by metal wire is durable and easy to drain.
4.It itself extends the lifespan of downstream purifier, heater, washing machine, exclusive  faucet,sprinkler and other sanitary products.
1.With transparent polymer aerospace engineering plastic barrel, the pollutant is visible, which ensure visual safety.
2.It is featured with protection functions of excessive  pressure  and dual sealing and anti-leakage.
3.Machine is easy to install for quick pipe installation being applied.
Simple design presents aesthetic feeling.
4.Physical absorption makes a longer lifespan than normal machine with chemical reaction.
5.Pure copper valve, high grade anti-abrasion, has a more than 30- year guaranteed working lifespan.
6.It has a feature of good quality with reasonable price.
7.OEM is accepted.
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