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Product No:
1000 Set/Sets
Unit Price:
Production Time:
One month from confirmation
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
shipping Method:
Depend on the order requirement

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Name: Household Water Filtering Machine
Quick Detail
Category: Desk-top White Bottle Plastic Water Filter  Series
Name: Three-stage Desk-top White Bottle Plastic Water Filter  Series
Model: 10T/PIII/A
Brand: Royalstar
Place of Origin: China
Color: White
Change Wearing Parts(filter core) Periodically:
PP Filter Core( 3-4 months)  
Granular Carbon Filter Core(3-4 months)
Block Carbon Filter Core(3-4 months)"
Application: Water Filtration at Home
Power: No Electricity Involved 
Rated Voltage and  Frequency: No Electricity Involved 
Applicable Water Pressure: 0.1-0.3MPa
Applicable Water :5-40℃ Municipal Water
Filtration Level: 3 levels 
Dimension(mm) & Weight(kg): 450*130*330
Performance  Features:
1.Safe and reliable for its food-grade material
2.Large water flow for its 10" filter core
3.Effectively absorb heavy metals, residual chlorine, organics and so on
4.Quick pipe installation
5.Absorbing odor and improving taste
1.Humanized design makes replacing filters easily.
2.Water supplies power directly thrusting saving money and energy.
3.With a longer lifespan than normal machine, it has a particularly 4.favorable price-performance ratio.
5.Simple design  presents aesthetic feeling.
6.Tiny design saves places at home.
7.OEM is accepted.
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