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  • Company name: Hefei Royalstar Water Industrial Facilities Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Sales Manager
    Tel: +86 551-67175123, +86 551-67175119
    Fax: +86 551-67175166
    E-mail: salesroyalstarwp@gmail.com
    Address:The 6th Royalstar Water Industrial Park, Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China


Abstract: At zero o’clock of May 30, lasting four years, 4E-level Hefei Xinqiao International Airport which was established elaborately received "maiden flight ". Inside the airport, direct drinking water project in terminal, designed and constructed independently by the domestic water purifying industry leader - Royalstar, started operation at the same time.
Release Date:15-02-10
Hefei Royalstar Water Industrial Facilities Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2004. Under the general background of economic structure transformation, Royalstar Water Industrial Facilities Co., Ltd. still achieved rapid development over ten years, from a start-up team of six people to an outstanding enterprise of more than 400 employees, from the office of 2...
Release Date:15-02-10
The 18th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (hereinafter referred to as the "CIFIT") closed in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center a few days ago. Our company showed extraordinary shine on CIFIT, and signed formal entering agreement with Port Klang Free Trade Area of the host country Malaysia.
Release Date:15-02-10
On the afternoon of December 3, 2014, a delegation with more than 20 people from Russian Perm Krai visited our company. The two sides had friendly exchanges on direct drinking water development in China and Russia.
Release Date:15-02-10
Abstract: Royalstar Water Industrial Facilities Co., Ltd. always takes innovation and change as the secrete of enterprise development. It is dedicated to research and development of producing special water purifying products applicable to Chinese market. At the beginning of 2014, Royalstar first released series products, and "Plum blossom, orchid, bambo...
Release Date:15-02-10
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